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  • Oct
    [Professional News] Great decoration of hanging ball glass candle holders

    Unique hanging ball glass candle holders. Set the mood with candles. Instant ambience. Arrange pillar candles in glass hurricane shades, lanterns for outdoor events or floating candles for centerpieces. Every event is enhanced with candlelight.In outdoor activities,candle holders add beautiful mood

  • Aug
    [Professional News] Uzone brings you to the bottle world

    As we all know, glass and bottles are diverse and can decorate the life. For example, glass bottles can be used to crop the flowers, creative lamps and so on. Now, let us enter the beautiful glass and bottle world.

  • May
    [Professional News] Collecting Antique Perfume Bottles

    Post Collecting things is often a marvelous hobby, it not simply provides you a thing to treasure, it also enables you to explore around, so that you simply can add to your collection and expand it. There is indeed forget about pleasure than explaining about the items within your collection to individuals interested.

  • Apr
    [Professional News] The New Direction of Acrylic of Cosmetic Package

    The acrylic of cosmetic package ia a quite field in plastic bottle market. Currently acrylic of plastic bottles is in market is hardly other field of plastic package, apart from the application in cosmetics, health care products market. The acrylic of cosmetic bottles is popular in cosmetic bottle market because it results from the speciality of cosmetic pacekaging market.

  • Apr
    [Professional News] The Package of Cosmetic Bottle Will Trend Toward Simplification

    With the development of cosmetic market, people’s cosmetic consumption becomes more and more rational. They transfer their attention from appearance and brand of cosmetics to cosmetics itself. Also, the cosmetic package starts to change from luxurious and delicate appearance to practical and simple feature and using conenviently in pace with the transformation of people’s consumption habits.