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Product description : Plastic jar with bamboo cover

Item No.:BWC033

Capacity : 70g

MOQ : 5000pcs/size

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Plastic jar with bamboo cover


1. Description

Capacity 70g
OEM We can make new molds as required
Use Cream etc
Logo printing Available
MOQ 5000/size
Packing Carton with grid inside and pallet is available
Payment 30%T/T prepaid,the balance before delivery
Delivery Within 45days after down payment and samples’ approval
Our service Available to customize the items according to your sample& design or OEM& ODM. Printing your logo on the box or engraving any image with the product are also warmly welcome.
Samples policy If you give quick enquiry, 5 free samples are available.The express freight charges should be on buyer's account.
Silk printing,UV coated,Hot stamping,frosted,painting etc can be available.

2. Feature of Product

1.Uzone's bottles are widely used in the personal care industry.

2.Different size,volumes,style,color of bottles are available

3.Customer designs available.

4.Samples are available at our existing shape.

5.Conform with USA,Europe Stand


40 ton furnace, 200000 bottles per day, 4 row and column machines, single drop line, 50000 bottles per day.

Advanced temperature control equipment controls the temperature of each stage of bottle annealing to ensure the toughness of the product.


Patrol inspection of production line, full inspection of packing, full inspection before leaving factory to ensure the quality of products delivered to customers.
Full set of testing equipment, professional inspection knowledge training, to ensure the professionalism of all quality inspection personnel.

Temperature Measurement:Testing the tightness of products and accessories.

Strain Relief Test:Testing the fit of products and accessories

Water Bath Test:Check whether the accessories are resistant to high temperature boiling

Torsion Test:Testing the fit of products and accessories

Rubber Alcohol Resistance Test:To detect the abrasion resistance of electroplated coating or alumina surface

Quality Testing



With the development of the glass bottle product industry, the glass factory will gradually develop into a group production model, forming a large-scale production capacity. Several benefits of using glass bottles:

1. Save resources, reduce pollution and protect the environment. Disposable plastic bottles produce a large amount of white pollution and take a long time to degrade. According to modern scientific research, it takes 470 years for disposable plastic products (bags or bottles) to completely degrade at the fastest, usually as long as 1,000 years, which will have a certain impact and damage to the global environment. Unlike glass bottles, they can be recycled and reused under natural conditions, and are the most environmentally friendly containers regardless of whether they are damaged or in good condition.

2. The glass material has good barrier properties, which can well prevent oxygen and other gases from attacking the contents, and at the same time, prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing into the atmosphere.




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