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In 2006,I’ve just graduated from university with a degree in international trade, and just like any other new graduate who has no experience, with dream and excitement, I went to a  medium-sized foreign trade company, where I found that I almost know nothing.

But I was a hardworking boy who never forgot to make progress and improve myself. I spent a lot of time learning, including the product specifications, the procedures of international trade, and most importantly, learn how to effectively communicate with others in native English. I was very grateful to the company for giving me such an opportunity to keep moving ahead, through trial and error.

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Two years later,I became more professional and I was acknowledged by many partners. But at the same time, I also realized a problem facing us: at present, the company mainly exports glass bottles. Although the expansion of e-commerce and Internet business have brought us more small and medium-sized customers, but their demands are not simply about glass packaging, but instead an integrated solution of package customization, which involves packaging design, printing and hot stamping, glass packaging, plastic packaging, paper box packaging, etc. As you know, we lack such professional product knowledge and a complete supply system. As a result, it's hard for me to satisfy the customers and make a deal with them. Finally, I left the company resolutely because of different ideas with the manager,but still with my original aspiration.

It was 2008 and the world was hit by financial crisis, I started SOHO. In this new city, I shared a 20 square meters bedroom with others to live and work. It was very difficult at the beginning of the business, but I always tried to help customers solve problems, providing them with valued solutions, and I quickly won the trust and support of the customers and friends. Three years later, I set up Uzone to serve our customers in a more regular and convenient way.  After 10 years’ development, I realized the importance of the supply chain once again. Without a good and stable supply system, a perfect packaging solution can not be guaranteed as the project will fail due to the instability of quality and leading time. During this period, we invested a glass bottle factory and a very experienced plastic and aluminum products factory (Wuxi Wanrong aluminum plastic products Co., Ltd.). On other pages of our website, I will introduce our factory in more detail. After becoming a shareholder, our quality and delivery time has been greatly improved.

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I really appreciate each Uzone member’s hard work and effort.  In the past 15 years, Uzone has spread the products to more than 100 countries worldwide and served over 3000 customers. What is meaningful is we helped numerous small brands and young people to have the first step to realize their dreams, and we established great cooperation relationships with them.

I believe that only by working hard to meet the demands of our customers can we realize our own social value. Please do believe that our price,quality and service will win your unceasingly patronage.