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Lotion Bottle



Skin care lotion is used for maintaining the moderate moisture of the skin, especially the skin in the most external cuticle. Its characteristic is not only be able to maintain the balance of skin moisture, but also can complement important oily composition, hydrophilic moist keeping composition and moisture, and can serve as the carrier of active component, make it be absorbed by the skin to recuperate and nourish the skin.

In the production of lotion bottles, we pay great attention to the easiness of its preservation and the convenience of using.

We choose glass as the main material, and the dark bottle body can guarantee the stability of cosmetics in the bottle to the greatest extent.

The different core diameter of the lotion pump directly determines the pumping dose.You can choose different dosage of pump head according to the specific product. In order to meet the aesthetic requirements, we also have a choice of different shapes of head caps, and we are happy to choose the particular materials that suit your brand style and product characteristics.

At the same time, we add left and right switch pumps and enclosures in the design of the pump to prevent your customers from accidentally pressing and causing waste of skin care products.

The following are several types of lotion bottles that old customers like very much. If you still want to see others, please contact me directly to let me know more about your needs.