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Toner Bottle



The function of toner is to restore the acid and alkali value of the skin surface, add and keep the skin moisture for a long time, regulate the cuticle, prepare for the use of skin care products to make them absorbed better by the skin. People like to use spray-on toners, but they also like to pour it out directly.Different use methods needs us to have different choices for the toner bottle.


Because the spray nozzle is small, if it is in contact with the air for a long time, there will be dust blocking the spray nozzle. Therefore, we add plastic or metal cover to protect the spray nozzle when designing the spray.

At the same time, we keep adjusting the design, nozzle diameter, etc. to solve the problem of spray nozzle leakage perfectly.

Pouring design

Different toner consistence has different requirements on the diameter of the orifice, too.

Large orifice stopper will easily cause water waste, too small orifice stopper will affect the customer's experience in using the product, we will choose the appropriate size according to the customer's actual situation.

The following is a recommendation of several types of toner bottles that old customers like very much. If you want to see other types, please contact me directly to let me know more about your needs.