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Essential Oil Bottle



Generally, essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, fruits, bark, resins, wood cores and other parts of plants by steam distillation, cold pressing,fat absorption method or solvent extraction.

Essential oils are highly volatile and will quickly evaporate upon contact with air, so we pay special attention to seal and storage time when making essential oil bottles.

We use black and violet glass bottles, which are very good at light resistance, and the glass is very resistant to corrosion, which maximizes the advantages during material selection of the bottle.

We usually add an orifice to the essential oil bottle, the diameter of which is 0.6-2mm. For essential oil of different concentrations, the orifice of corresponding diameter can be selected to control the flow rate reasonably, so as to ensure the smooth flow of essential oil. Meanwhile, the contact surface between essential oil in the bottle and the air is minimum, so as to reduce volatilizing. If your customers want to experience your essential oils with droppers, we also have a bottle stopper design to enhance the sealing performance and reduce waste.

In addition, we provide temper evidence cap and child resistant caps for your customers to keep essential oil safe.

The following are several types of essential oil bottles that old customers like very much. If you want to see others, please contact me directly, so that I can understand your needs well and provide you with more feasible plans.