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Cream Jar



We have been working to improve the experience of many beauty lovers for using skin care creams.

Focusing on the continuous improvement for the function, environmental protection and luxury level of the cream jar.

To be a professional solution expert for skin care packaging

1. Unique disc seal design

A .The disc seal is closely connected with the mouth of the jar without gaps, ensuring the sealing of skin care products and not easy to deteriorate.

B. Prevent any contamination of skin care products on the cover caused by the   tilt of the cream pot and the flow of cream, or the waste because of the flowed  cream inside the screw.

2. Introduction of environmental protection materials

While we are helping your customers to become more beautiful, we have the obligation to uphold the principle of keeping the beauty of the earth. We use Sodium-Calcium glass to make the bottle for our customers. This material is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

3.Custom design

We design the bottle shape according to the customer's brand positioning, style, and the suitable skin type group of the cream, which is in line with the customer's aesthetic appreciation and reflects the customer's company image.

At the same time, we can control the weight of different bottles and the thickness of the bottles’ bottom to meet the needs of the modest and luxury experience.

The following are several types of cream jars which are the regular customers’ favorite. If you still want to see other designs, please contact me directly to let me know more about your inquiry.