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Serum Bottle



The use of serum is a very important link in protecting skin, because it contains a lot of essential extract. The stability of different substance is not on the same baseline, so essential is very easy to get spoiling.

Therefore, we pay great attention to the sealing and light avoidance as well as the material of the serum bottle to ensure the stability and freshness of the serum. The bottle is made of glass, which is high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. At the same time, the tactile sensation of glass also brings luxury using experience to customers.

The bottle color we prefer is black, which is a good barrier to visible light and UVA, which is very helpful to keep the cosmetics inside for a longer time.Violet is also very popular, this material also has a good light protection, and shows the unique purple color in the sunlight , making the product more luxurious.

During 10 years, we have provided production services of serum bottles for more than 10,000 enterprises, including EBEN HOLZ, COSMEDICA SKIN CARE, etc. The following are a few types of serum bottles that old customers like very much. If you want to see other types, please contact me directly, so that I can understand your needs well.